Collagen Allergic Reactions Experienced by 3%

It’s estimated 3 out of every 100 (3%) women are allergic to collagen. While tests are routinely done in advance of treatment, nearly 2% of those who pass the initial tests will still have a negative reaction to the treatment.

Did you know Inject-able bovine collagen is derived from cows? I’ve read if you have allergies to meats you should not use collagen.

While most reactions are short term, some have been reported to last up to 24 months. A typical allergic reaction to Collagen may include redness, swelling, scarring, itching, and in extreme cases open sores (cysts).

Typically problems associated with collagen injections are caused by delivery procedures and contamination (bacteria, etc). Doing research online and using Google to find customer reviews for the doctor is a great way to ensure you avoid these types of issues.

Testing For Side Effects of Collagen Injections

Collagen Injections may produce side effects in people who have allergies and other medical conditions.

Typically 2 small regional tests are performed 2 weeks apart to make sure a patient will not suffer a reaction.  During these tests the patient’s skin is injected with a small about of collagen.  Bad reactions to the collagen can still occur even if the patient experiences no side effects from the tests.

Generally people with connective tissue diseases or various forms of arthritis are not well suited for collagen injections.

There is a wealth of information Google about collagen injections and experiences other people have had (good and bad).   Here are a few links to get you started on your own research.

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon explains the possible risks of Collagen Injections

Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery Collagen Information

Collagen Injections Side Effects Q&A

You should have a detailed conversation with your medical doctor before you begin receiving collagen injections.

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Why I Created the Collagen Side Effects Website

To be honest, it seems stranger to me than anyone else that somehow I ended up creating a website about the side effects of collagen.   It all started when I decided to investigate the effectiveness of collagen for a potential business opportunity with an online marketing agency.    Before I decide to pursue those opportunities I decided to do some research.

The compiling of this research was starting to be enough data to become a useful website, so I posted it up on another domain.   After my initial research I decided the entire industry wasn’t a scam and that real progress had been made since the claims i saw debunked 10 years ago.

Now that I’m semi-committed to consulting with and promoting companies that produce collagen related products, I wanted to do everything I could to make sure they were used safely and that information was available.

I’m not a doctor of any type.  I have no authority in any medical field.  I can however research topics and post what I find out.  I can also create a website platform that allows people to interact and share information.    Overall I feel like this site will be a value add for the internet and I’m hoping a few of you will help me develop new content and ideas along the way.

Collagen Side Effects Blog Is Online!

Hurray!  We’re online and ready to set up our themes and get to work investigating and exposing the side effects of collagen.

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